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From the recording Love is Dangerous

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Juddy Mac - Vocals Guitar
Percussion - Damon Madden
Richard Goforth - Audio Producer
Annette McGuire - Production Assistant
The Love is Dangerous LP was published by Starfast Media Publishing in conjunction with Goforth Audio. Juddy Mac is a Starfast Media Publishing Artist.


Empty pages filled with words
Empty letters filled with promises we both know
We can not keep
Promises we can not keep
Blind hearts that can not see
Blind hearts can not see

Window shopping in the city
Smiling mannequins like happy people living
Animated dreams
Smiling animated dreams
Pretending till we have to leave
Soon we have to leave

Departures and arrivals
Tiny pieces for survival
Connecting flights to fleeting fantasies
Hoping things will change


Hopeful notions made in jest
Speculating future lives together we both know
We can not lead
Then your cell phone rings
Calling back reality
Sobering reality